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Cart Boxx is a free and open source RESTful PHP shopping cart. Whew, that is a handful. The easier way to explain it is – Cart Boxx is a PHP Cart that also has an API endpoint to support AJAX calls plus mobile applications development.

Cart Boxx is still kind of a skeleton structure at the moment, created by a one-man-army who has limited time… So don’t expect a full-blown e-commerce suite, but you are always free to build on top of it. 🙂



Cart Boxx is released under the MIT License – You are free to use it for your own personal and commercial projects, modify it as you see fit. On the condition that there the software is provided “as-is”. There are no warranties provided and “no strings attached” – Code Boxx and the authors are not liable for any claims, damages, or any liabilities.




You can download Cart Boxx from Sourceforge. Cart Boxx has not been extensively tested, but it should work well with most modern XAMPP installations –

  • PHP 5.6 and above
  • MySQL database… Although Cart Boxx uses PDO and should technically work with almost anything else.
  • Apache web server, no IIS support at the moment.



  • A simple PHP cart that you can build on.
  • Has an API endpoint – AJAX friendly and mobile app development friendly; You can create your own own shop front theme with RAW HTML if you want.
  • Things are still kind of rough around the edges though…
  • No payment methods or payment engine. Yet.
  • No shipping methods. Yet.
  • Does not have a complete order management process. Yet.




  • Create a new database, import cart_boxx.sql in the cart_boxx folder.
  • Update database settings and URL_ROOT in core/config.php
  • Done! You can access the admin panel at
  • Default admin account -> u: | p: 123456
  • The default API endpoint is at



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