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So grateful to have you guys visit Code Boxx, but sorry, I cannot offer free consultation and troubleshooting. If you have questions, please comment on the related post itself, or here are some websites to get help with programming.
Sorry, I am not available for hire. To take on a “side job”, this senior web dev will have to take unpaid leave from his job, take time away from content creation and private life – You will have to pay for all of these. Not worth it, I guess.
Sponsorship is always welcomed, also good affiliate offers. 😆 But take note that I cannot accept physical products. I currently don’t have a PO box or office address… Figured it is not a good idea to give out my private address.

P.S. We do not work with betting/casino/adult/drug/weapon businesses. These are irrelevant and will get the blog banned from most ad networks.

Sadly, we don’t have any advertisement packages to offer. It is also a direct conflict of interest with ad networks that we already work with.
We don’t accept guest and paid posts. Had enough dealing with “high-quality content” – “Someone paid me $10 to waste your time”, “just sell my shit”, “here’s a spun article”, and “here’s an AI-generated article”.
We don’t “sell backlinks” nor do “link insertions” – It’s against the guidelines of most search engines.
We don’t need “outreach experts”, “SEO services”, “programming services”, or “marketing agencies”.
Feel free to use any source code on Code Boxx, no need to ask for permission. They are released under the MIT license, credits will be nice though.
If I used your code or resource without permission – I tried to credit all resources that I use, but cracks still happen. Let me know which one, I will add the credits accordingly or remove them on request.
Well, I will try to address all other matters. You can try to send an email, but my shared blog mailbox is flooded with automated spam despite best efforts to keep them out…


Email us at code-boxx at mail dot com

P.S. Apologies if the reply is very late (or no reply at all). Code Boxx is run by a single person who is handling a couple of blogs, bouncing around multiple social media accounts, has a job, and has a life outside the cyber world.