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I want to do some collaboration with Code Boxx. Sure thing. Please share more details on the collab or sponsorship!
I want to buy advertisement space on Code Boxx. Thanks for the interest! But so sorry, Code Boxx does not have a mailing list nor an advertisement package. Yet. Maybe in the future when it has matured enough.
I need help with programming or want to hire a code ninja.
  • Requests for free project consultation, one-on-one tutoring, support, and “creative bug reports” will be ignored.
  • Please post your question and report bugs on the related tutorial itself.
  • Sorry guys, I am currently not available for hire, free or paid. Plus, it’s impossible to reply to everyone, one-by-one.
  • Please hire freelancers if you desperately need help with your project. Maybe or (not sponsored).
  • Or try one of these sites – Where to get help with programming.
I want to use the contents on Code Boxx.
  • Go ahead and use any content on Code Boxx for non-commercial purposes. I.E. Do not claim as your own, publish, and make money.
  • All code on this site is released under the MIT license – Feel free to use in your own project, even commercial ones.
I find a post offensive or copyright issues. Tried to credit everyone, and posts are reviewed from time-to-time… But cracks still happen. Drop a message below – Which post, where the mistake is, and what you want to take down.
I sell SEO and/or programming services. All unsolicited attempts to sell SEO and web development services will be ignored to infinity and beyond!

P.S. I AM a senior web developer just in case you missed it. 🙄

I want backlinks. All “I want a backlink” requests of the following nature will be ignored.

  • My site will be a good addition to the blog.
  • Trying to pass spun articles as “good guest posts”.
  • I will pay $5 for a backlink.

P.S. I know how the SEO game is played, but some people just have to take it to the annoying level. Desperate and persistent spammers will be added to the spam filter. End of story.

P.P.S. Deepest apologies if the reply is very late (or if there is no reply at all). Code Boxx is run by a single person who is also handling a couple of other blogs, bouncing around different social media accounts, and have a life outside the cyber world.