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  • So grateful to have you guys visit Code Boxx, but sorry, I cannot offer free private consultation and troubleshooting. Please comment on the related post itself or here are the websites to get help online with programming.
  • Product sponsorship is always welcomed 😆
  • Feel free to use any source code on Code Boxx, no need to ask for permission. They are released under the MIT license, credits will be nice though.
  • Apologies to the guys looking to do a “guest post” or “buy advertising space”. Code Boxx does not have such offers.
  • No, we don’t need “outreach experts”, “SEO services”, “programming services”, or “marketing agencies”.
  • Sorry, I am not available for hire. Already have my hands full with a job to do, writing for my own blogs, managing the social accounts, and making more YouTube tutorials.

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P.S. Deepest apologies if the reply is very late (or no reply at all). Code Boxx is run by a single person who is handling a couple of blogs, bouncing around multiple social media accounts, has a job, and a life outside the cyber world.