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Core Boxx is released under the MIT License. You are free to use it for your own personal and commercial projects, modify it as you see fit. On the condition that there the software is provided “as-is”. There are no warranties provided and “no strings attached”. Code Boxx and the authors are not liable for any claims, damages, or liabilities.



Download and set up the “main Core Boxx” if you have not already done so. To “install”, simply import the contents.sql file, and delete it afterward.




This is a simple dynamic content module for Core Boxx. Articles, posts, code snippets, descriptions – Save whatever content you need into the database and retrieve it dynamically.



Function Description & Quick Example
content_id Primary key, the content ID.
content_title Title or short description of the content.
content_text Text or body of the content.
date_created Date when the content is created.
date_modified Last modified timestamp.



Function Description & Quick Example
save($title, $text, $id) Add or update content.

  • $title String, the content title/description.
  • $text String, the content body.
  • $id Int, provide the content ID to update. Leave as null to add a new one.
echo $_CORE->Contents->save(
) ? "OK" : $_CORE->error ;
del($id) Delete a piece of content.

  • $id Int, the content ID.
echo $_CORE->Contents->del(1) 
  ? "OK" : $_CORE->error ;
get($id) Get a piece of content.

  • $id Int, the content ID.
$content = $_CORE->Contents->get(1);
getAll() Get all content.

$content = $_CORE->Contents->getAll();
search($search) Search for content containing the search term.

  • $search String, the search term.
$results = $_CORE->Contents->search("SEARCH");
toFile($id) An incomplete support function for save(), generate a static file. Complete it if you want, good for HTML, CSS, Javascript, or maybe files that you want to offer for download.

  • $id Int, content ID.




Accessible at These are pretty much a replica of the above library functions, except in REST API format. Feel free to delete api/content.php if you don’t intend to integrate an API.

Request Description & Quick Example
save Add or update content.

  • $_POST['title'] String, content title or description.
  • $_POST['text'] String, content body.
  • $_POST['id'] Int, optional content ID.
del Delete a piece of content.

  • $_POST['id'] The content ID.
get Get a piece of content.

  • $_POST['id'] The content ID.
getAll Get all contents.
search Search for a piece of content.

  • $_POST['search'] The search term.

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