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The Big Book of Widgets is a collection of many widgets on Code Boxx, that will help you to save a lot of time and speed up the development of your projects. The widgets are also in pure HTML, CSS, Javascript – No dependency on third-party frameworks, no extra loading bloat.



  • Navigation & Menu
    • Responsive Sidebar
    • Sticky Menu
    • Drop-down Menu
    • Hamburger Menu
    • Collapsible Tree Menu
    • Tabs
    • Fullscreen Overlay
    • Responsive Accordion
    • AJAX Breadcrumbs
    • Responsive Menu
    • Responsive Navigation Bar
    • Catfish Footer
  • Forms & Files
    • Custom Dropdown Arrows
    • Custom Tooltip
    • Toggle Switch
    • Error Messages
    • Custom Checkbox
    • Speech Recognition
    • Textarea Character Limit
    • Numeric Keypad
    • AJAX Upload & Progress Bar
    • Drag-and-drop Upload
    • Fullscreen Loader
    • Print Page
    • Autocomplete
  • Date & Time
    • Datepicker
    • Timepicker
    • Stopwatch
    • Calendar
    • Alarm Clock
    • Countdown Timer
    • Timeline
  • Animation
    • Scroll Animation
    • Bounce Effect
    • Blink Effect
    • Background Color Animation
    • News Ticker
    • Typewriter Text Effect
    • Text Slider
    • Glowing Text
    • Rainbow Text
    • Fade Effect
  • Videos & Images
    • Slideshow
    • Product List & Grid View
    • Image Zoom
    • HTML & CSS Watermark
    • Text Over Image
    • Rotate & Spin Images
    • Fade Image Background
    • Blurred Images
    • Image Aspect Ratio
    • Rounded Images
  • Shapes
    • Squares & Rectangles
    • Circles
    • Responsive Speech Bubbles
    • Responsive Logo
    • Triangle
  • Orientation
    • Lock Screen Orientation
    • Vertical Text
    • Horizontal List
  • Interface & More
    • Drag-and-drop
    • Responsive Tables
    • To Do List
    • Bar Chart
    • Progress Bar
    • Popup
    • Accordion
    • Sortable Table
    • Infinite Scroll
    • List Filter
    • Disable Copy
    • Icons
    • Disable Pinch Zoom
    • Javascript & CSS Grid
    • Pagination
    • Shortcut Keys
  • Advanced Widgets
    • Javascript Webcam
    • Javascript-Only Shopping Cart
    • Javascript Screenshot
    • Javascript GPS



Yes, please take note that this is a compilation of many tutorials on Code Boxx. Many angry toxic troll things will probably scream along the lines of “stupid” and “waste of money”. Why buy free tutorials!? Well, the short story behind this collection goes like this – A friend saw that Code Boxx is doing pretty well, but a certain code ninja who wrote all the tutorials is not getting well-compensated for all the effort.

So that friend asked, “why not add a donation button to the blog”? For sure I could have, and many bloggers also did the same. But something just didn’t feel quite right… That I should at least give something back for the donations. So here it is, a compilation of many tutorials and all the source code. This should help save people many hours of searching one-by-one, speed up web development.

P.S. This is still kind of an “honor system”, and it is totally fine if you don’t want to get the collection. There are still plenty of ways to help out Code Boxx, even by simply sharing the tutorials could help give it a small boost.



W.S. Toh is the evil code ninja behind Code Boxx, a graduate from the University of London with a degree in Computer Science. He has donkey years of experience as a senior web developer and software engineer – Worked on several multi-million dollar systems, mostly in the F&B industry.



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